Our New 1-Minute Inspirations


What can you communicate in 60 seconds that matters?
That inspires a little?
That appeals to the eye and the ear?
That touches the heart and the soul?

These questions appear at the top of Willowgreen’s newest website: 1-Minute Inspirations.

Every Wednesday morning Jim Miller releases his latest answer to these questions—a 60-second video incorporating his writing, photography, and voice, usually formed around a quotation he has selected to bring focus to a single encouraging thought.

Jim has been known as a nature photographer, making images from the created world that help express the concepts found in his printed and audiovisual resources. Now he has enlarged the scope of his photography, including images from the human-made world along with images of people themselves.

The 1-Minute Inspirations website opened in early October. You can watch all the Inspirations, including the one just released, at willowgreeninspirations.com.

5 Responses to “Our New 1-Minute Inspirations”

  1. Lois Wagner Says:

    Please send me the Wednesday 1 minute inspirations.
    Thank you

  2. Linda L. Mooney Says:

    I look forward to this. This might be a grand time to thank you for the wonderful book The Shepherd is My Lord. Several years ago, I gave a copy to my visually-impaired homebound friend. When I visit weekly, I read things that bring church to her. Her personal copy was misplaced and she asked that instead of replacing it, that I read it to her a little at a time. It brings her such peace ( and me, too).

  3. Diana Ball Says:

    Thanks for your wonderful work and insights.

  4. Katie Denis Says:

    great idea

  5. Judy Bieker Says:

    I would love to receive your one minute inspirations. All of your works are wonderful. Our social workers and chaplains find all your material very helpful. Thank you.

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