Ongoing Support to the Bereaved


100 Healing Messages

In October 2010, I introduced a blog called “1-Minute Inspirations” in which I released a new video every Wednesday morning. The format was always the same: there was a beginning quotation followed by 60 seconds of narration, music, and photography. Each video was built around a single thought that provided a bit of momentary depth or encouragement or hope. People seemed to appreciate the brevity of the video and the personal integration of my writing, my voice, and my photography with Eric Clancy’s piano music.

“Why not try a similar approach for a more specific audience, built around a particular need?” I asked myself. So after a year of producing these weekly videos, I returned to an earlier professional interest and began creating a series of short messages for the bereaved. My initial idea was to create 50. Realizing there was so much that needed to be communicated, I doubled the number and titled the project, “100 Healing Messages for Your Grief.” This resource is now available to everyone, and you’re among the first to know about it.

This is how “100 Healing Messages” works:

Once you subscribe, or subscribe a friend, to these messages through the Willowgreen website, you’ll begin receiving a brief, personalized email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, introducing that day’s topic. A link within the email will lead you to a separate page where the video has been set up to play for you. Each video message is designed to console, validate, inform, and encourage, always ending on a hopeful note. The viewer can also download a beautifully formatted PDF of each message, suitable for reading, collecting, or sharing with others. If you would like to see a sample of the 100 Healing Messages and learn more about ordering this resource with all its 100 videos and PDFs, follow this LINK.

It has been a very full and challenging year of work and I’m pleased that everything has all come together so well. As you’ll see, “100 Healing Messages for Your Grief” carries a distinctive Willowgreen touch from beginning to end. I’m looking forward to offering a new form of grief support through the internet unlike anything that has been created to date. If you have any thoughts about this work once you’ve seen the samples noted above, I’d love to hear from you by email:

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7 Responses to “Ongoing Support to the Bereaved”

  1. Timothy Nickel Says:

    These are exceptional. We have started our own medi-care hospice here at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, PA since you gave a presentation here. Your 100 Messages would have a varied use within our spiritual care and bereavement programs. I would be curioius about your position about copying the PDF print out and distributing it to others. I see this more as an occasional, specific topic distribution rather than any type of general copying and mailing in mass. I did not see any prices listed relative to a subscription rate. I also see these being used as intros to Hospice ID meetings or projected on to a screen at the beginning of a support group meeting. You have created a piece of art and work that some of us would like to do ourselves, cannot find the time to do and are appreciative that someone like yourself can and does.

  2. Virginia (Ginny) Hartman Says:

    This is amazing! How wonderful to have this resource available in an age of technology! I am tempted to send it to my own address, first, as a way of offering some gentle healing to myself because of two recent grief-filled years . Jim Miller’s blessed creativity will strengthen many souls.

  3. jacqueline r. grendel; m.a., l.p.c., b.c.p.c., c.r.s. Says:

    This sounds wonderful, and I look forward to seeing it for the first time.

  4. Mary A. Billingsley Says:

    “For the past 4 years, since my husband passed away) I have been greatly challenged just to get up in the morning. I can’t explain how grateful I am that there is willowgreeninsight and the “100 Healing Messages I can look forward to.

    • James Miller Says:

      Hi Mary. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for your kind comments and we sincerely hope that what we have to offer can provide you with some help in easing your long-term grieving.

      We wish you peace.


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