The Plan: A New Resource For Family Caregivers


Daily Inspirations brand

Jim Miller’s newest series of positive messages grows out of the many books he has written and DVDs he has created, as well as the blogs he regularly writes. It also grows out of his concern for the needs of family caregivers in our world today.

There are 65,000,000 such caregivers in the United States alone. Many of these people must juggle work, family, and their own personal responsibilities while caring for a loved one many hours a week. Stress can become a significant issue, as well as depression.

What could be more useful to such people than a morning boost, or a morning inspiration, addressed specifically to family caregivers?

“Daily Inspirations for Caregivers” will be made up of four different kinds of formats. Twice a week the subscriber will receive a short encouraging video. An equal number of times there will be a thoughtful writing offering information, validation, and support, always ending on a hopeful note. There will be as many PhotoThoughts, combining meaningful quotations with striking photography. And once a week there will be an affirming audio, in Jim’s own voice, especially for those caregivers who may feel isolated and alone.

Each Inspiration will be designed to reach out to the whole person—heart and mind and soul. Each will grow out of Jim’s work through the years as a professional and also out of his personal experiences in being a family caregiver himself.

Jim spent a significant number of hours in the first half of 2014 creating about half of the Inspirations required. Then he put the project on hold while he devoted attention to the business of Willowgreen.

Now, in early 2015, Jim is prepared to return to completing “Daily Inspirations for Caregivers.” But he wants to be sure that there is a real need for this resource, and that it’s worth the financial investment involved.

So he’s turning this planned new venture into a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter ( is a crowdfunding Web site in which individuals, organizations, and businesses can pledge various amounts of money to help bring creative ideas to reality, in return for certain rewards.

You can learn all about “Daily Inspirations for Caregivers” on the Kickstarter site by typing in the name of this project. You can see what the need is, what the budget calls for, what the timeline looks like, and what rewards are offered. You’ll also see samples of the types of Inspirations Jim has already created.

You’re invited to be a part of bringing this exciting new offering to life. Family caregivers will be supported in the vital work they do, day in and day out, often year after year.

You can pledge your support on the Kickstarter Web site up until March 6. Your contribution will be accepted only if 100% of the proposed budget is underwritten; otherwise your credit card will not be charged.

November 1, 2015 is the proposed release date for “Daily Inspirations for Caregivers,” should the budget be underwritten with pledges.

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