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Just Released—An Innovative Resource for Caregivers

November 18, 2015


Daily Inspirations for Caregivers: Encouragement and Insight for Family and Friends allows caregivers to start every day well with beautifully-crafted, artfully-worded messages that arrive by personalized email first thing in the morning.

Each individual Inspiration is composed of one of four formats: a one- to two-minute video, a two- to three-minute audio, a one-page writing including an image from nature, and a photo-thought—a memorable quotation combined with a striking photograph. Each Inspiration has been prepared to display equally well on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

If you’re a family caregiver, you’ll be led to begin your day in an encouraged and hopeful frame of mind. These Inspirations are designed to give you positive energy, both for your caregiving duties and your other daily responsibilities. Just as important, your lifted spirits can positively affect the one in your care.

As you learn from the experiences of other caregivers, you’ll become better informed and feel more confident. You’ll discover how to experience meaning and fulfillment in this significant role of yours. Ultimately you’ll become more open to the possibilities and joys that can be found in your days.

As an example of how that can happen, find one of the inspirational videos here.

Listen to one of the informative audios here.

Read one of the thoughtful writings especially for caregivers here.

View one of the photo-thoughts here.

If you’re a professional in a healthcare practice or a health-related organization, you can encourage and empower all those caregivers who are your clients, either directly or indirectly. You’ll promote improved health and healing all the way around.

You can subscribe to a 14-day free trial of Daily Inspirations for Caregivers: Encouragement and Insight for Family and Friends here.

You can purchase a full-year subscription for $24.95 for yourself or for a friend or family member here.

For additional information, please call 260.490.2222.

Willowgreen’s New Affiliate Program

November 18, 2015



You can now provide meaningful long-term help to family caregivers and grievers easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

How easily? With a few keystrokes on your computer.

How quickly? Less than a minute of your time per individual.

How long term? Eight months of help for grievers, a full year for caregivers.

How inexpensively? As little as 4¢ a day.

Share beautiful and meaningful video, audio, and written resources, delivered by personalized email, as a way of supplementing your own presence. Insure support and encouragement day and night, whenever it’s convenient for those you’re concerned about. Deliver positive messages wherever these people are, via a computer, tablet, or smartphone—all are equally effective.

Here’s how it works:

Once you enter a subscriber’s name on the administrative panel we set up for you on our password-protected server, they’ll begin to receive their emailed helps the very next day. Offer 100 Healing Messages and a short, thoughtful video about a specific, progressive aspect of grief will arrive like clockwork every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Give a Daily Inspirations subscription to family caregivers and a video, an audio, a writing, or a photo-thought will be sent each morning for one full year.

When you join our Affiliate Program (at no cost), you are eligible to purchase either or both of these innovative services at wholesale rates.

Individual subscriptions normally sell for $24.95. As an affiliate, you’ll be able to purchase your first ten for $149.95, or $14.99 each—that’s 40% off. All additional subscriptions cost even less—$13.95. And that’s only the beginning.

You’ll also receive a free mini-library—either on caregiving or on grief—of Jim Miller’s popular books, signed by the author. Over time you’ll also receive notification of additional special discounts and offers, available only to affiliate members.

Both the Caregiving Series and the Grief Series have two plans. Each basic plan offers 10 subscriptions at 40% off plus a set of free books for $149.95. That’s about half the normal cost. The advanced option is for groups and organizations that provide—or wish to provide—support group services either to family caregivers or to grievers. This plan includes all that’s included in the basic plan plus two free books written for facilitators as well as three different DVDs for use in guiding meetings, also at wholesale pricing. This plan costs $249.95.

Join either or both of the Affiliate Programs and you’ll receive another free resource:

a Powerpoint-like presentation complete with speaker’s notes or a 46-page guide for using a particular Willowgreen DVD in a support group setting.

Call 260.490.2222 to learn all the details and to sign up today.

Select this link to download a printable PDF file that explains the program in detail.

Grief and the Holidays Are A Delicate Mix

November 18, 2015


What can you do to honor your sorrow in a healthy way during the holidays?

  • Accept the likelihood of discomforting feelings. The expectations this season imposes in the face of your grief may create apprehension and even dread in you. Traditions you used to enjoy may evoke sadness or regret. Any sense of confusion or unfairness may lead to irritability or anger. All this happens quite commonly, so to expect otherwise only increases your unwanted stress.
  • Lean a little—or even a lot. Let others help you with decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, child watching, or whatever else seems too much for you at the moment. It’s difficult to do the hard work of grieving while undertaking all the extra work associated with the holidays.
  • Plan ahead while setting your limits. Ask yourself which traditions you will maintain, which you will forgo, and which you will adapt this year. Will you celebrate at the same time and place? Who will be there? Talk with everyone involved and try to decide together. Keep this in mind: fears of upcoming holidays experiences are often much overblown.
  • Include your loved one. Don’t leave them out. Bring their life and your cherished memories into this time. Find ways to make their spirit a part of your commemorations, whether you’re with others or by yourself.
  • Take care of yourself. Take this advice to heart especially during the holidays. Get your rest. Carve out alone time if you need it. Listen to your body, your heart, your soul.
  • Remember that your sorrow should not rule out all joy. Be open to serendipitous moments. Welcome any smiles or laughter that may suddenly sparkle. Be grateful for and respond to any love that comes your way.
  • Reach out to others, if you have the energy. Often you can give of yourself as well as receive. You may now understand and appreciate the needs of others as you never have before.
  • Recall the deeper meaning of the holidays. Each religious tradition has its abiding messages for this time of the year. Take these in—they can speak hopeful truth to your grief.

The holidays this year may be a bittersweet and poignant time for you. With support, with honesty, and with courage, it can also become an important part of your healing.

Please Remember!

Willowgreen has three resources created specifically for grievers during the holiday time. Our books How Will I Get Through the Holidays? and Helping the Bereaved Celebrate the Holidays and our DVD Grieving Through the Holidays (which is actually four separate videos) are very helpful for individuals, families, in support group settings, and for community-wide events. Find them at

A Video Meditation for Those Who Grieve During These Holidays

grief-400We share with you a two-minute video that speaks sensitively to those who are bereaved during this time of the year—a time which holds such poignant memories. It’s by Jim Miller and is entitled What You Shall Never Lose. You can view it here.