Just Released—An Innovative Resource for Caregivers



Daily Inspirations for Caregivers: Encouragement and Insight for Family and Friends allows caregivers to start every day well with beautifully-crafted, artfully-worded messages that arrive by personalized email first thing in the morning.

Each individual Inspiration is composed of one of four formats: a one- to two-minute video, a two- to three-minute audio, a one-page writing including an image from nature, and a photo-thought—a memorable quotation combined with a striking photograph. Each Inspiration has been prepared to display equally well on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

If you’re a family caregiver, you’ll be led to begin your day in an encouraged and hopeful frame of mind. These Inspirations are designed to give you positive energy, both for your caregiving duties and your other daily responsibilities. Just as important, your lifted spirits can positively affect the one in your care.

As you learn from the experiences of other caregivers, you’ll become better informed and feel more confident. You’ll discover how to experience meaning and fulfillment in this significant role of yours. Ultimately you’ll become more open to the possibilities and joys that can be found in your days.

As an example of how that can happen, find one of the inspirational videos here.

Listen to one of the informative audios here.

Read one of the thoughtful writings especially for caregivers here.

View one of the photo-thoughts here.

If you’re a professional in a healthcare practice or a health-related organization, you can encourage and empower all those caregivers who are your clients, either directly or indirectly. You’ll promote improved health and healing all the way around.

You can subscribe to a 14-day free trial of Daily Inspirations for Caregivers: Encouragement and Insight for Family and Friends here.

You can purchase a full-year subscription for $24.95 for yourself or for a friend or family member here.

For additional information, please call 260.490.2222.

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