Our Newest Inspirations—For Caregivers. For You.


Newest InspirationsWhen you open your daily email, you’ll find waiting for you one of these four types of Inspirations:

A Photo-thought.

Receive one of Jim Miller’s beautiful photographs from nature with a quotation embedded in it, offering encouragement and hope. You can save it to be viewed whenever you wish. You can even print it in full color to hang somewhere or to place within a book of your own making. You’ll find a sample of one photo-thought here.

A Video.

Each video (there are over 100 of them) gives you Jim’s artistically-orchestrated photography and a meaningful message in his own voice, accompanied by original music by Eric Clancy. All videos are between one and three minutes long and can be viewed time and again, even for years to come. Here’s a sample of one.

An Audio.

Jim narrates a short true story from the lives of family caregivers, some famous, some not so famous. Each audio segment offers a single helpful message designed for caregivers everywhere. These are between two and three minutes in length—long enough to engage and inform you and short enough to preserve your limited free time. You’ll find one of the audios, this one about Mohammed Ali’s wife, here.

A Writing.

In a couple hundred words, accompanied by one of his photographs from nature, Jim shares a piece of advice or a useful perspective from his own life as a caregiver, as well as from other caregivers he has known. Occasionally he shares excerpts from one of his books. Here’s one such sample, about something called “healthy denial.” 

We’re gratified that Daily Inspirations for Caregivers is finding a ready audience. Here are two examples of what people have written us:

“What a wonderful, uplifting way to start the day! What makes these extra special and meaningful is that they nourish one’s spirit in so many different ways.” (Sharon K.)

“Each morning I can hardly wait to experience that day’s Inspiration, knowing it will somehow stay with me and guide me. I don’t know how you’re able to do this as well as you do day after day.” (Paul J.)

See for yourself. Sign up for a free 14-day trial on the Willowgreen homepage here.

You can also order your own subscription there. Better yet, use this coupon (InSight5), available only to readers of InSight, and you’ll receive $5.00 off when you place your order on our shopping cart.

Caregiving is an enormous undertaking. We at Willowgreen want to support you in this way and in other ways too.

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