Our “Thank You” to You—Free, Signed Books.


Book Montage

In appreciation for your supporting Willowgreen in whatever ways you have (your orders, your kind words, your spreading the word, your subscribing to this newsletter), we’re offering you your choice of six books by Jim Miller in a variety of subjects:

The Caregiver’s Book. Learn the eight principles of effective caregiving, accompanied by beautiful photography and meaningful quotations. This is the book version of the DVD The Grit and Grace of Being a Caregiver. (List price $14.95)

Change & Possibility. Full-color photography of the seasons illustrates the three-fold process of all human change. Helpful suggestions and wise quotations are spread throughout. The DVD version is called Nothing Is Permanent Except Change. (List price $14.95)

Autumn Wisdom. Take in ten insights related to healthy older age…or just about any age of adulthood, for that matter. You’ll also find full-color photography in this deluxe gift book. (List price $14.95)

A Pilgrimage Through Grief. Savor the blend of poetic writing and striking nature photography built around the theme of allowing a time of loss to become a time of spiritual pilgrimage. (List price $12.95)

The Art of Listening in a Healing Way. Learn a multitude of specific ways about how to listen well to someone close to you, especially someone in your care. It’s the companion book to The Art of Being a Healing Presence. (List price $7.95)

The Gift of Healing Presence. Discover the ten basic thoughts that simplify the process of being a healing presence to others. Enjoy the quotations, the full-color photography, and the encouragement too. (List price $5.95)

How do you go about receiving your free, signed book? Just place an order of any size, however small. Then tell us which of the six books you’d like and we’ll send it along with our compliments. Jim will hand sign each book and even inscribe it to you or to the person of your choice if you wish.

Moreover, you can choose an additional free book for each $50 in purchases, even taking into account any discounts you may receive.

All this specialization is more than our computerized shopping cart can handle so we ask you to send us an email (orders@willowgreen.com) or give us a call (260.490.2222) when you place your order and we’ll handle all the details you request.

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