Jim’s Latest Book Is Yours for Free


abba-cvrMost of Jim’s writings through the years have revolved around loss and grief, illness and caregiving, healing presence, and managing transition. While there is commonly a spiritual dimension in his works, either in the background or the foreground, as a rule he has chosen not to write specifically religious books. Most references to religion have been with an openness to a variety of faiths, including Judaism and Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, among others.

It is a fact that Jim is himself a Christian, as well as an ordained clergyman. While he has not made his living as the minister of a congregation for over 35 years, he still occasionally performs those functions. When his daughter, the minister at Peace United Church of Christ in Fort Wayne, Indiana, went on a sabbatical leave, he volunteered to preach in her absence for four consecutive Sundays. He chose as his topic the Lord’s Prayer.

Not far into his preparations Jim realized that he could not communicate all he wished in four 20-minute sermons. So he ended up writing out in greater detail what he did not have time to speak, including a hefty selection of themed age-old quotations and some suggestions he proposed for how the reader might bring to life the various parts of this prayer in everyday ways.

The book came to be titled Our Abba: Praying the Lord’s Prayer So It Comes Alive in Us. Jim had a fair number of copies printed and then gave out a complimentary copy to each congregational member after his final sermon.

Now he’s making “Our Abba” available at no cost to you too. Simply click here to download a PDF of the entire book, which you can read on an electronic device or print out on paper. You can also choose a bound, signed copy of the book if you’d like, but he’ll need to charge you for that one. You can order it here. Quantity discounts are available (as with all his books)—call 260.490.2222 for details.

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8 Responses to “Jim’s Latest Book Is Yours for Free”

  1. Curtis G Roelofs Says:

    Thanks for this book. Thanks too for your earlier writings. I am a 35 year Hospital Chaplain, now retired. I made use of many of your writings. I thank God for your ministry as I am also grateful for mine. The art work and meditation helps were very helpful in my patient ministry. So thanks again.

  2. Laura J. Ruhle, CT Says:

    Thanks so much for the gift of your writing, Jim…
    After the death of my first spouse, you gave me the opportunity to add some of my experience to your book “A Time of Caregiving.” I am forever grateful for that opportunity and to have served the grieving community with you also in Lansing, Michigan many years ago as you helped bring a conference on Complicated Grief to Life!

    I do hope you are doing as well as you can be as well as your family.

    Laura J. Ruhle, CT Michigan

  3. Ernest (Skip) DalleMolle Says:

    Thank you so much for this book Jim. I look forward to experiencing your insights. I feel blest that during my time at St Catherine’s in East Chicago (as a chaplain) they and then me used “What will help me” in my grief ministry. Since then (2003) I know I have passed many copies of your book to those in need as I believe it to be the easiest read and most common sense book for people in grief, especially at a time when focusing may be difficult. You and your team are truly a blessing.

  4. Jenny Rake-Marona Says:

    Hello, Jim – and thank you for your book! I have shared so many of younnr others with people over the years; your words have been a blessing and a help to many, many folks. Thanks for your generous generativity! -Jenny

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