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eBooks Demystified:

January 25, 2011

Willowgreen’s New Venture

Electronic books or eBooks are not a recent invention. They have been in development and use for almost forty years, but their popularity has grown rapidly in recent years. This is due largely to three factors: the growth of the internet, the development of hand-held devices for reading eBooks, and promotions by publishers, booksellers, and device manufacturers.

An eBook is a digital file that can be read using software on computers. Hand-held reading devices such as the Kobo, Nook, Kindle and Sony are actually small, dedicated computers. Each has its unique look and manner of operating. These devices are handy but they aren’t a necessity. The software or application required to open and read an eBook can be installed on any computer. It is free and usually offered by the bookseller. Mobile devices such as cell phones and MP3 players like the iPod Touch can read eBooks with free software as well.

To read the ePub version of Willowgreen’s new eBooks on a Mac or PC, download Adobe Digital Editions at this LINK. To read the Kindle or Nook versions, follow the instructions that came with your device for syncing it with your computer. You can also use their free readers directly on your computer. These are downloadable from the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. PDF (Portable Document Format) documents are also eBooks. These can be read on and printed from a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Willowgreen has released 15 of its printed titles as eBooks. You may order and download them through our website or through other eBook websites, including They range in price from $3.00 to $6.25.

Our eBooks include:

The Gift of Healing Presence
One You Love Has Died (both English and Spanish versions)
One You Love Is Dying
When You Know You’re Dying
How Will I Get Through the Holidays?
The Art of Being a Healing Presence
Effective Support Groups
Helping the Bereaved Celebrate the Holidays
My Shepherd Is the Lord
The Rewarding Practice of Journal Writing
What Will Help Me? / How Can I Help?
When Mourning Dawns
When You’re Ill / When You’re the Caregiver
When a Man Faces Grief / When a Man You Know Is Grieving