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National Conference Welcomes Willowgreen’s Unique Products

December 12, 2012

There are many avenues that may have brought you to be familiar with the Willowgreen family of grief support and healing products. To see many of our customers and to make new friends, Willowgreen put on a popular display at the National Funeral Directors Association convention in Charlotte, NC in October and debuted three new products.

NFDA, which offers access to the largest network of funeral service experts in the world, was strengthened by the presence of nearly 6,000 funeral professionals from 43 countries  who were eager to learn from and share ideas with their colleagues from around the world. This was a perfect opportunity for Willowgreen to show our new products as well as promoting existing ones.

100 Healing Messages

This fall we debuted “100 Healing Messages for Your Grief,” which you can read about in an accompanying article. The email-based, thrice weekly support is ideally suited to an individual facing grief as well as for use by funeral homes.

“Having used your resources for years,” said the owner of an Indiana funeral home, “I’m wondering if you have some short Willowgreen videos on grief that we can put on our website to help both our families and others in our community.”  We also created a new concept in video support based on those expressed needs.

The Healing Promise of Grief

A 12-video, web-based resource for the bereaved called “The Healing Promise of Grief” was introduced. Each two- to three-minute video uses nature photography, music, and narration to provide information and encouragement about one aspect of grief.

Video Comforts

The third new product, Video Comforts, create a calming, healing atmosphere that supports families and visitors as they are visiting a funeral home. All three products are beautifully and tastefully done using nature photography, meaningful quotations and lovely original music.

NFDA Tradeshow

Audiovisuals were the dominant focus of our exhibit this year. One iMac displayed our web-based work while a second iMac showed the email-based video messages. A Blu-ray setup demonstrated four new high definition programs for use with groups of people. The theme of our booth, “Compassion never changes but ways to offer it have,” enabled us to reach out to potentially thousands of people who have not had the opportunity to see the quality, comforting products Willowgreen offers.